Assisting small and medium sized companies implement Lean / Six Sigma methodologies that may not be able to afford to have a full time Master Black Belt on staff.  Helping these business become a safer place for their employees, improve the quality of their products or services to the customer, increase productivity and reduce overall costs.  Dedicated resource to focused on your manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, logistics, and office process and procedures.

Work Examples and Results


  • Improved IRR rate from 5.5 to 2.9

  • Instituted a "Safety First" culture which reduced work related injuries from 12 to 3 per year

  • Implemented Behavior Based Safety resulting in the reduction of lost time injuries from ten per year to zero.

  • Automated equipment and processes to eliminate repetitive lifting causing lower back and shoulder injuries.


  • Using FFU (Fitness For Use) methodology, assessed critical manufacturing gaps and instituted minimum quality standard that were customer focused.  Resulting in being Ranked #1 over largest four competitors in product performance.

  • Reduced in process failures and customer complaints by 9.1% through attention to details and operator retraining programs.  Result was industry leading defect rate of less than 1%.


  • Improved productivity measured in units / manhour by 6.7% through SKU rationalization, scheduling and operator training.

  • Revitalized and enhanced SIOP process to focus on customer demand reducing lead times by greater than 7 days and improving forecast accuracy by 25%

  • Implemented Lean Manufacturing to reduce product change overs from 3 hours to 30 min.  Result was increased demand and production from 6 days per month to 6 days per week.


  • Utilized process mapping and realignment of job tasks to reduce inventory write off by more than $20M annually.

  • Focus on material handling and operator tasks to reduce raw material scrap by $1.3M annually.

  • Installed new technology to reduce overproduction by $2.5M annually.

  • Implemented a cost down program based on Lean / Six Sigma methodology resulting in annual savings of $3M, $4M and $6M over 3 years.

  • Improved working capital by $10M through a focus on ABC inventory analysis