Project & Product Management

Assisting small and medium sized companies with a dedicated resource singularly focused on driving your project to completion or bringing your product to market.

Work Examples and Results

Project Management

  • Redesigned packaging for overseas shipment.  Increased container load volume by 15% and decreased unit shipping costs by 3%.  Enabled company to win jobs in Europe and Asia due to overall decreased cost and increased service levels and reliability.

  • Project lead to conduct a center of gravity study for optimal location to build first overseas manufacturing facility.  Included site selection, building requirements and machine capabilities.

  • Developed unique customer owned asset tracking system that established grading criteria, inventory accuracy and availability and reduced the write off of lost or obsolete inventory by $1.5M annually.

product management

  • Ensured product performance and obtained required codes and approvals.  Coordinated and focused two manufacturers, distributor and contractor to ensure all components met building owner requirements for a unique factory fabricated building envelop system.

  • Utilizing FFU (Fitness For Use) and HOQ (House of Quality) methodologies, overhauled an entire product line from formulation, SKU rationalization and packaging to eliminate product failures and declining demand.

  • Modified existing US centric and designed products to meet the needs and wants for various international customers including SKU offering, packing requirements, product thickness and dimensions and performance in local fire and pressure testing.