Strategy Development

Assisting businesses with proven expertise in developing global growth strategies by focusing on industry and market trends, drivers and dynamics. 

strategy development & implementation

  • Developed five-year strategy to increase capacity utilization, productivity and reduce overall manufacturing costs.  Realized a 3% increase in utilization on 13% less volume, increased productivity by 7% and reduced overall costs by $2.6M.  This was accomplished through modifications to incentive programs, footprint optimization and stream lining of the logistics model.

  • Designed and implemented a five-year strategy to transition from an exporter of  materials to a local manufacturer of products that meet the specific regulations of the region the facility is located.   Enable to company to realize double digit revenue profitable revenue growth. This was accomplished through acquisition and the green field build of a state of the art manufacturing facility.

  • Revised and enhanced the ten-year business strategy by identifying critical to win regions, focus areas and watch countries.  The enhancements included analysis of global economics, industry segments, specific country trends, drivers and dynamics.

  • Conducted footprint analysis for all manufacturing sites to identify immediate, short and long term closures, moves and new site options to maximize asset utilization and minimize logistic costs and lead times.  Immediate and short term actions results in $7.7M annual savings in overhead, productivity and logistics costs.

Work Examples and Results